The Pioneer Box is here and its awesome!

The Pioneer Box is here and its awesome!

The official launch date of Basic Keto Box is here! We have completed the Pre-Launch Period.

..And now its time to announce the date of GO LIVE DAY!

Basic Keto Community, we are glad to say that the wait is not long. We will be going live on the 7th of October @ 8pm EST 📢      (save the date & time) 

To provide our subscribers the best quality product & service, we will limit the number of our
November ‘Launch’ Box to 240 boxes. 

What will our keto box subscription do for you?

Our keto subscription box provides convenience, information, and more importantly nutrition to assist you with the keto diet. The wide variety of snacks available in our subscription box will not just make keto diet easier for you, it will also make you fall in love with it. We know the importance of having nutritional snacks available to sustaining a healthy lifestyle balance and therefore we have made it a point to only curate snacks for you that not only taste good, but are packed with nutrition as well!

What did we accomplish during Pre-Launch Period? 

Here are some of the tasks we prioritized while on Pre-launch period.

  • From Drafts to Designs to manufacturing… to bring you ‘The Box’ today. (its awesome 😁) 
  • We asked the community to help us, and we used that to build the foundation of Basic keto. (round of applause 👏) 
  • Partnering with Canadian Keto Manufacturers/Distributors to give you exclusive access to their discounted products/services. 🥂
  • Partnering with American Keto Products to bring you a wide variety of keto snacks in our boxes. 🥂

Features of the box – ‘Sticking with the Basics’

     The Box ‘Enclosed Features’

  • 10+ wide variety of Keto Snacks 
  • Discount Coupons from Canadian Brands to support local businesses across Canada.
  • Monthly Keto meal recipe ‘flyer’ enclosed. 

     The Box ‘Digital Features’ 

  • Exclusive Easy 30-day meal plan – Discover delicious & healthy keto meals (macros included)
  • Exclusive Online Store Access. (Available only to our Subscribers) 

Hang on that’s not all, for our Pioneer Subscribers!

For the first 3 days of GO LIVE – October 7, 8, & 9 you can use Promo Code PRESUB20 to get an exclusive 20% DISCOUNT for your first month on GO LIVE DAY 😱



How many subscriptions will be available on GO LIVE?
We are limiting our subscription to 240 slots so we can provide the best product/service to our pioneer subscribers.

When can we subscribe?
Subscriptions are open when we go live on October 7th.  

When can we expect the box to ship?
We are shipping the boxes on November 27.

When is the cut off to subscribe?
We are closing subscriptions for the November ‘Launch’ Box 2 weeks before Shipment day.

Who is eligible for the Free Tumbler?
We are giving away Free Tumblers to our first 200 Subscribers. 

When can we claim the Free Tumbler?
You can claim the Free Tumbler as soon as you receive the email confirmation of your Subscription. 

How can we claim the Free tumbler? 

  1. You will receive an email right after you subscribe with a code to claim the free tumbler
  2. Enclosed in the same email – There will be a link to the shop. Click to proceed. 
  3. At checkout you will enter your code to get the Tumbler at 0 Cost. 
  4. Proceed with completing your order. 

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