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Episode 1: "The Combination of Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting" with Jennifer Berg

The Ketones and Coffee Podcast focuses on how to start the Keto diet the right way. Lorenz interviews influencers and thought leaders where they share their own stories on how they got started on keto. Find out how they dealt with the early challenges of switching from carbs to keto and the strategies they practiced to become more consistent with it.

If you are somebody starting off on the keto diet. This podcast will help you understand keto from other people’s experiences. You will have an exclusive access to strategies to overcome your daily keto struggles.

Episode 1

Jennifer Berg was your typical yo-yo Dieter that has spent years trying different types of Diet. However, She would still find herself gaining the weight back at the end. Then, She found the Ketogenic Diet. She’s now been Keto for 2 years and has since Lost over 60 lbs!

On this Episode of Ketones and Coffee, Keto Advocate Jennifer Berg discusses how Keto has changed her life completely. She has now found herself back to great health and vouches to spread the word about the Miracles of the Ketogenic Diet. 
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We are bringing in guests that has truly made an impact in the Keto Community and has continued to be the Creator of their own life. Join me in the conversation.

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