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Episode 12: The Freedom keto has given me

Our next guest is somebody that was diagnosed with a Severe Depressive Disorder in her early 20’s. By her mid 30’s, she has witnessed her mom suffer from so many illnesses. At which point, she thought that she needed a change for herself.
At the time, She was overweight. So, she decided to have. a weight-loss surgery done. That went really successful. However, when her mom passed. She found herself in a deep depression again and had re-gained a lot of the weight back.
Feeling lost, a friend of hers introduced her to Keto. That turns out to play a major to finally turning her life around.
She’s now using her platforms to help educate and to assist others on their own keto journey.
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We are bringing in guests that has truly made an impact in the Keto Community and has continued to be the Creator of their own life. Join me in the conversation.

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