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Discover New Keto Snacks!

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Keto box Canada

With your keto box, you will no longer have to worry about going grocery shopping for your keto snacks, because we have taken care of all of that for you.

With so many food groups allowed in the keto diet, there is a wide variety of delicious keto snacks that can be consumed, and we have included the best of them in our keto subscription box. This means that the keto snacks in our subscription box will not only keep your diet on track, but it will also make you fall in love with the diet.

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"The pure thought and effort put into each keto box is like nothing I’ve seen before. The box was jammed full of a variety of products from prominent keto suppliers and the packaging was amazing from the custom tape on the outside to the box design itself. The extras like coupons for provincial suppliers, meal planner and meal plan is so helpful for those on a keto diet especially those who need help planning or looking for new ideas to help them with their success. I’m so grateful to have found Basic Keto and plan to incorporate it into my keto lifestyle for as long as possibly can! Thanks Basic Keto for a great product it's worth it!!"

"I absolutely loved receiving my keto subscription box! I got such a rush going through all the snacks I received and especially love that this was all delivered right to my doorstep! Basic Keto is really making the keto diet easy, sustainable and accessible to all! I can’t wait to receive my next box!"

"Basic Keto is an amazing Canadian keto subscription box service! Ironically called basic keto, this box is anything but basic! The creators have put a ton of though and detail into each box personally labelling items and their packaging really impressed me - right down to the custom tape on the box. The products inside were all products that were high quality from great brands and there was a lot inside. Also included was coupons/vouchers for local products and services as well as a meal plan! I’m thoroughly impressed and would recommend them to anyone who enjoys trying new keto products or don’t know where to start tor keto."

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Discover New Keto Snacks!

Unboxing Basic Keto Box

Hey Guys thanks for watching my video! This was my July basic keto box. I was hanging onto it because we are going away on a family staycation. I just thought I’d tape it and go through it briefly. This Is taped in IG format, but I thought I would share it here on YouTube as well because I know some of you aren’t on IG and like watching these. - Keto Carnivoreish Crys

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As a member of Basic Keto Community, We invite you to take advantage of your Discounts. From Discounts provincial stores to Discounts to Stores Across Canada, we offer Exclusive Discounts to our Subscribers.

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Mandy is the founder of Clean Keto Academy where she coaches people to transition seamlessly to a ketogenic lifestyle through education and one-on-one support.

As a member of Basic Keto Community, You receive a FREE  15 minute session with there coaches from Clean Keto academy and an extra 20% OFF towards Clean Keto Academy’s Services.

 We invite you to take advantage of this offering! 


You get about 10-12 New Keto Snacks in your box and sent to you every month. 

*Premium Subscribers gets Discounts from Brands across Canada + 30 Day meal Plan!

At Basic Keto, we curate Keto Snacks from all over North America for your Discovery. 

We put it together in your Box. Then, we ship it to your address every month. 

Our shipping schedule always falls on the last week of the month. Shipping updates are sent to subscribers after cutoff date. 

Gifting a Basic Keto Box is so easy. 

First, you choose a Gift Plan from 1 month, 3 months, & 6 months. 

We then prepare the Box for your special someone and Ship it to them at the end of each month.

We close subscriptions 2 weeks before Shipment day. 

We award Free Tumblers to all of our first time subscribers! 


We will be sad to see you leave, but If you'd really like to cancel your subscription. Go to our 'Contact us' page and then we will ask you to fill up a form and send it back to us.